Color: GOLD

Our very own custom-designed 18k gold-plated ladyballer necklaces!!! Non tarnish. You can wear them consistently in the shower, pool, etc and not worry about rusting or tarnishing. Comes on a 16-18 inch chain  

Here at KAXI, our slogan is ‘Ladyballer’  To us, a ladyballer is the girl we try to be everyday. Whether in our personal lives, or our business. A ladyballer takes no crap from anyone, gives 100% always, realizes there is no substitute to hard work, spreads kindness, gives compliments, stands up for the underdog, and has a good time doing all of it. When you put on this necklace, I hope it is a reminder to you to always be a ladyballer. 

Comes in silver + gold. This is gold plated and can be worn in the shower, while working out and even swimming. Say hello to your new gold staple that you will never take off. 

Kaxi friendship necklaces?! Yes please!!!!