Hair healthy: this product was made with your hair in mind. This is made out of a nylon ribbed material with no plastic elastic on the inside to damage your hair. 

Goodbye ugly, black hair ties: our hair ties come in fun colors, patterns and styles. 

Multi Purposeful: perfect for pool days, high intensity workouts and everyday use.


These are our cutest hair ties YET! These come in neutrals, bright colors, soft colors...literally EVERY color. Perfect for literally every and any occasion. Comes in a stretchy spandex material and have a simple bow on it that gives them that feminine touch! They are perfect if you need a tight elastic for your high intensity workout, but still offer a stylish look and this elastic is just fabric with no elastic on the inside to damage your hair. Perfect for pool days, high intensity workouts, or everyday use! 

Available in 21 colors and comes in a pack of 3 of the same color.