Hair healthy: did you know your hair is most vulnerable when wet? Use our towel products to treat your hair with the best of the best after you shower. 

Microfiber material: gentle on your hair and limits harsh creasing while wearing. 

Absorbs water: the absorption of water helps your hair dry faster naturally. 

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These BRAND NEW wristbands are designed to soak up water while your washing your face. We all hate the feeling of water dripping down our arms while we are washing our face. These wristbands go on both wrists and catch the water that normally drops down your arm. The soft plush towel-like microfiber material soaks up large amounts of water.

Comes in our brand new KAXI exclusive pattern inspired by our brand new everyday hair oil.  All complete with a red KAXI tag and bow. 


Machine washable if needed on cold. AIR DRY ONLY.