@roseuncharted x kaxi 'Emerald Coast Collection'



say hello to our first ever content creator collaboration. Rose Henges created the most beautiful collection inspired by the Florida Coast where she lives with her family. here's what she has to say about her inspiration for creating it.

"I hope you enjoy this collection, inspired by the enchanting colors of Florida's emerald coast. The pristine white sand beaches, turqoise water, purple lupines that adorn coastal paths in the spring, and the ethereal cotton candy pink sunsets. I know this will become your new favorite hair accessoy for it's simplicity, timeless elegance, and exceptional grip. I hope you are as obsessed with it as I am. Here's to beautiful tresses!

xoxo, Rose" 

 we can assure you that our 'hold everything claw' really does hold it all. from the thickest of thick, to the thinnest of thin - it has shocked thousands of women. and the best part? it lays comfortably to the side so you can lay your head back without it resting on the plastic of the claw. 


Original: 5 inches long. Best for LONG and/or THICK hair. Also works best for textured hair.

Midi: 3.5 inches long. Best for short-medium hair that is thin to medium thickness.

Mini: 2.5 inches long. Best for short and/or thin hair.


* bundle comes with one of every color in the size of your choice *