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hi! i'm lex.

I’m the owner here at KAXI. my husband Chase and I have a little boy, and 2 cats. here’s a little bit about our story.

I began KAXI on the night of my 21st birthday. I was newly married, working full time, and a business student at UVU in Orem, Utah. as a little girl, every dollar I ever made went towards purchasing something from Claire’s. I loved accessories, and it was my way of switching up outfits on a budget. as I grew older I also outgrew Claire’s, but soon realized there weren’t any hair accessories brands to cater to women. I finally decided to start making my own so I my husband and I spent my 21st birthday at Joann’s buying fabric, and watching YouTube tutorials on how to use a sewing machine.

I built a website, sewed up some hair scarves in my own patterns, and launched KAXI in November of 2018. I quickly realized I wasn’t the only girl looking for accessories that were functional, stylist, and unique. our business grew rapidly, and no one could’ve predicted what it would turn into.

we now operate KAXI HQ in Pleasant Grove Utah with our 6 amazing employees, and lots of other help from family + friends. we aim to be your ‘one stop shop’ for all things hair accessories and focus heavily on accessories that are trendy, functional, and unique! another emphasis we have here is offering you products that help keep your hair healthy by preventing damage, and breakage.

we recently have begun selling in Free People, and also are in over 300 boutiques, stores, and salons across the country. our wholesale program continues to grow, and we’re not stopping til KAXI is known as THE women’s hair accessory brand.

we love our kaxi fam!

we love our KAXI FAM, and have the best community of women who encourage, inspire, and support us every single day. we believe the KAXI girl is the kind of women we aim to be everyday. in our personal life, or our business! we take no crap from anyone, give 100% always, realize there is no substitute to hard work, spread kindness, give compliments, stand up for the underdog, and we have a good time doing all of it.

if you’ve gotten this far, welcome to the fam!!! we are so excited you’re here.