Introducing our Glitter Lay Down Collection! Our best selling claws in a new glitter color! These are perfection in every way. They are unique, sturdy, and so stylish. All of these claws have the  added bonus that they are flat, so you can pull your hair back in a 'claw style' and still be able to lay your head on the headrest when you drive, or lay down flat without it hurting your head! 

Comes in our full "Lay Down" Line up:

  • Original Hold Everything - 5 inches long. Best for LONG and/or THICK hair. Also works best for textured hair.
  • Midi Hold Everything - 3.5 inches long. Best for short-medium hair that is thin to medium thickness.
  • Mini Hold Everything - 2.5 inches long. Best for short and/or thin hair. 
  • Lay Down 
  • Lay Down 2.0
  • Wide Lay Down